Sunday, June 28, 2015


I can’t believe our first born will be 14 on Monday.

I loved him as a baby.

I’m slightly in awe watching him become a man. 

He has started fixing broken things around the house
(Now if he and his siblings would quit breaking them in the first place!)

I know he doesn’t like snakes any better than I do, but while I scream and run, he takes action.

We’re down one employee as of this morning which leaves us in a bit of a spot milking 3 times a day.  Kenton can’t do all three and survive for long so Jamison is helping with the 9:00 p.m. milking by moving cows and cleaning barns with the skid-loader. 

When he’s asked to help with farm work he usually responds with “okay”. 
(He’s a little less enthused with helping around the house.)

Jamison is sincere in his faith and seeks to grow in the Lord.
(Could we ask for more?)

Kenton and I always liked teenagers but weren’t sure how it would be at home.
Turns out it’s even better when he’s ours.

Happy Birthday, Jamison!  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


One of the great things about adoption is meeting the people involved with it and sharing your mutual passion for making a difference in the lives of kids.   

Today we had a chance to catch up with Tim and Hilary.  They were in China adopting Malia (the cutie in the orange shirt) when we got Emily.  In fact, I learned that one night they helped take our kids out for pizza while we were at the hospital with Emily.  They have since gone back for Hannah and we'll head back for Alex...sometime.  They were heading home to Minnesota from D.C. when they stopped by.  Their big kids were with Grandparents, but we had a short time with their little ones.

Several hours later we got more rain...

I get so tired of the flooding.
It's almost impossible to get anything to grow at the base of that waterfall...except weeds and violets.  We have lots and lots of violets...or did anyway. 

After the thunder and lightning had passed, we sent them out.

Nothing like having your own waterpark.

With no one to say, "NO RUNNING!"

They got a little muddy.

And had to wash off under the hose before they were allowed back in.

They must have had a good time because I heard someone wishing for more rain later
so they could do it again. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Photo Trip Through the Last Couple Months

For some reason, the computer no longer recognizes my camera.  It's been a pain.  BUT I need pictures for our China dossier so I had to figure out something.  Thanks to Steve for figuring it out and to Derrick Maust for his willingness to come and help.  Steve just beat him to it.  

The last few months have been really full.  We're full swing into soccer, finished up school, had 5 people in 4 different plays, and are making the most of our time with cousins who are soon returning to Mexico. 

Jamison made the decision to be baptized.  
We are so happy that he made this public declaration of faith.

My parents came to in April.  I sweet-talked my dad into moving my washer and dryer to that back wall.  The previous arrangement would have worked well for a little person.  I am not a little person.  The arrangement did not work well.  I'd show you the finished project...but this is a laundry room/back porch/canning storage/mud room for barn boots, etc.  Very seldom are pictures of this room suitable for public viewing.  Sorry.  Suffice it to say that I owe my dad BIG TIME!  I'm sweating it over how he'll choose to collect.

Jamison  was in a homeschool drama.  His role included memorizing parts of the genealogy in Genesis 5.  Memory work is not his strong point, but he did a great job.

I got the job of costumes.  While occasionally I was crabby, it was fun getting to know this great group of kids better.  

Jamison also played the role of the chicken. 

Davis was either Shadrach, Meshack, or Abednego.  Don't ask me which!  However, I do know some of his lines...guess how I know!  

Megan was pharoah's daughter in her play.

Megan had a birthday and decided to turn 12.  She decorated her own cake.  
The artistic strain is not strong in our family. 

The kids had a chance to rock climb again with the college kids in the Adventure Sports program!  They were really excited.

Emily was excited, too...until she got up there.  Andy had to go up and talk her back down.
He tried making faces at her to get her to smile, but she wasn't buying it!

Jamison climbing the walls.

Kaitlyn really enjoyed rappelling.

Davis needed a few boosts to get started on this one.

Megan really enjoys it, too.

Everyone fights over using our new hammock.  

Emily finished up at Zion Nursery School.  We've had such good experiences there through the years, I'm a little sad that Alex won't have his chance.

This little buddy came to play one day.

He was the star attraction all day.  Pretty much every day someone asks me when he can come back.

Elsa and Anna also came for a visit.

Some mornings are harder than others.

I couldn't take it any more...


Somebody wasn't very happy about it!
If I heard it once, I heard it a dozen times. "I HATE MY HAIR!"
I showed her her passport picture where she looks like a boy and she decided this isn't too bad after all.  

Davis CAUGHT this doe in the yard the other night.

The cousins came to see it and wound up here. 
That's a lot of energy.  

Emily got a Big Giant Minnie as a birthday gift from her cousins.  It is her new best friend.   Apparently it was a steal at a yard sale.  

Emily turned 5.
I probably shouldn't call her my baby anymore.

Her horrible mother decided that since we are HOPEFULLY going to China during the next school year, we better get a jump on things and get started.

Here's Emily's first day of Kindergarten.  

That's all folks!