Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It has been THREE years since this little miracle joined our family.

She's had a lot of hard moments.

She has been totally worth it.

Em came home August 10, 2012 from China.  She had her first episode (that we know of) starting July 30.  With calendar regularity she was puking her guts out for 9 days every 16-19 days.  

Dr. B U K Li  in Milwaukee confirmed her diagnosis of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in March.
We were told that the medicine is hard on the heart.

On Good Friday we were told that Emily couldn't take the medicine because of a heart problem. 

But later her pediatric cardiologist told us, "Sometimes you have to pick your poison.  This is no way to live."

Emily has been well for 


In October Dr. Li told us that she is only #3 of the calendar vomiters he's seen (#1 doc in the nation for CVS) that he's been able to keep out of the hospital this long.  Usually all he can do is buy kids an extra week.  This would have meant every 4th week in the hospital instead of every third.  

In March her heart check came back high but in the NORMAL range.  That's a first EVER!

Emily's middle name is MeiPan.  It means Beautiful Hope. 
Many times is mocked me and my faith was weak.
Ironic, eh?

God has answered all our prayers for her with YES.  
We are so grateful.  

Praise God! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

July, 2015

July was a busy month for us.

There was a Black and White Show...
and no quarantine interrupted the show this time.  

All the kids showed except Emily.
Jamison took a first in showmanship at the intermediate level.
His dad was pretty excited.  :)

I think Megan took 2nd for showmanship at that level.

Davis didn't have a cow of his own to show, so he showed one of his dad's. 

Kaitlyn showed her first calf, Ruby.
(Well, her first to survive.)

We canned applesauce.  Lots of it.
And this picture must have been staged because the kitchen was a wreck!

We have puppies.
Lots of puppies.
And we're running a special...
Buy one for free, get another for free...and another...and...

We have kids who are pretty happy.

We went to Minnesota for two weeks and the weather

Emily being towed (again) by her faithful cousin Logan.

Tube wars

Tyler and Megan tubing

My crazy sister Kim!

And in the midst of all the fun
we remembered Alex in China and pray that he fills this sweatshirt up sooner
rather than later.

More to come.