Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I am not God.

While this may come as no shock to the rest of you it is a huge frustration to me.

I like my way better.

I am waiting.
And not very patiently.

I want my boy home NOW.

I can rest in knowing that God's hand is guiding this whole process
or at least that in His omnipotence He will use the timing for good.
Whether or not I like it.  

So I wait.


I look at facebook and see that someone else has moved on and left us in the dust as far as paperwork.  
And then my peace turns to frustration
and the green-eyed monster comes to hang out with me.  
The tears come and I fail to enjoy the five blessings that I already have.

It comes down to a choice.

I choose to trust God's timing.

Now if I could just get off this dang teeter-totter.