Saturday, October 18, 2014

Davis' First Deer

 Davis shot his first deer tonight.
(Crop permit)

You'll be happy to know that this time when he shot, the gun did NOT knock him head over heels.

Donations of pants will be accepted at our address.

Monday, October 13, 2014

What's Up?

Kaitlyn lost her first tooth today.

She has been asking me WHEN she would lose a tooth.  I couldn't figure out if she was after the experience or the money. 

My parents are here.  I browbeat my dad into putting in a new front door which included moving it.  He has been a good sport...but I'm not very popular with him. 

The old door wasn't centered and let in tons of cold air.
Obviously, the front of our house needs some work.

The front part of the house was built in the 1880's.  (Looks like we haven't bothered with it since, eh?)   It doesn't have studding, just back to back boards.  It was a bummer to cut through.  Lots of the boards are 10 inches wide and they have hand made square head nails.   

Dad's ditching me tomorrow.  He's had all he can take of my kind of fun.  :P

In other news, we took Emily back to see Dr. Li in Milwaukee.  If you haven't already heard the news, she's a miracle!  She's only #3 of the calendar kids that they've successfully kept from vomiting this long (Fourteen months!).  Most of the time all they can do is push an episode off a week and then it lasts longer.  This would have meant instead of spending every 3rd week in the hospital, she would have spent every 4th week in the hospital.  

Our trip got bumped a day earlier because Dr. Li was flying to Japan.   We had to get the kids up at 2:30 a.m. to get there in time.  Miss Emily didn't sleep much...until her doctor's appointment.  She wasn't very excited to wake up for her check up and pose for a picture.  Someday though I know she'll understand how grateful we are for the way Dr. Li has been able to help her.   In a year she has grown 5" and gained 8 lbs.  Dr. Li told her she gets an A+.  We think Dr. Li should get it.  

In a twist of fate...Dr. Li is two hours from the World Dairy Expo.
This was our next four days.

All your senses are tingling, right?

You are wishing that YOU could have been the lucky one in stadium seating for four days, entertaining five excited children, while eating yet more sandwiches and apples.

Surrounded by people totally enthused by bovines.

Filling your spare time with countless trips to the restroom, trying to protect your priceless kindle from stampeding cattle ( formerly known as our progeny), and answering the same question 500 times, "WHEN are we going to leave?"

This man totally shared my enthusiasm.

How much longer?

At least the Brown Swiss liven things up with a bit of yodeling and some costumes.


Jamison acquired his own JCB hat, a stack of JCB literature, a DVD about JCB, talked to the salesman...are you seeing a theme here?

We should have given him a different middle initial.

He wasn't the only kid enamored with equipment.

The kids came home with lots of vendor treasures: pens, candy, paper, mints, candy, chapstick, backpacks, toy cows, candy, pencils, rulers, candy, and did I mention candy? I'll be digging most of those treasures out of the cracks between the van seats for years.    We were also treated to grill cheese, ice cream, shakes, and hamburgers by vendors.

And since we're on the subject of tractors, our church had Bring-Your-Tractor-to-Church Sunday (awhile ago...)

We had no trouble making a contribution or two.

Our neighbors Jim and Ruth brought a couple of their red ones.

That's all the catching up I'm going to do tonight.  Maybe we'll just move forward from now on.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up - 1

This blog is a bit of a family diary so I hate getting really behind.  Then I wonder if I should catch up in chronological order, just do a photo dump and be done with it, or if I should be true to my usual Haphazard Holly theme.  Welcome to Haphazard Holly strikes again!

We just got back from *Minnesota* the finest state in the nation.

I had time to catch up with two high school friends whom I haven't seen in fifteen years.
Ana and her kids Elizabeth and John took us to Enger Tower in Duluth.
(Elizabeth with my kids.  John didn't want his picture taken)

It's a good thing Kenton arrived a week later, we'd have been there forever
checking out the view of the port.

The aerial lift bridge is one of my favorite sites here.  

I didn't think to get pictures of Ana or Amy BUT neither one has changed a whole lot since high school.  I enjoyed meeting their families.  It's pretty special to see your friends happily married with nice kids.

It's our first trip to Minnesota with Emily that didn't include a hospital stay AND the weather was nice enough to be in the lake.  Need I say more?

They played a little corn toss.

 At one point I saw some heads under those holes.
I assume that someone got painfully beaned in the brain
leading to this switch to the feet.

Emily and Lucas became best buddies.

In a moment of inspiration (and without remembering that we ALWAYS leave with
 MUCH MORE than we came with) I stuffed Emily's trike into the van.

Without it, best buds might have been WWIII instead.

Mom's gardens were beautiful as always.

Lots of loons!
Lots of loons calling.

It was beautiful!

Some of the best times involved the lake, food, and family.

The kids played on the beach inspite of the curse of deer flies and mosquitoes.

We took lots of boat rides,

played with cousins,

took four-wheeler rides,

enjoyed the littlest cousin,

and the oldest cousin.

More to come.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thirteen Years

Wasn't he the cutest baby ever?

After six years of infertility I couldn't believe that I finally had a baby.

Jamison Carl
Our first teenager
Should we run?  Should we hide?
I hope not because we've been looking forward to this.

Loves soccer, running, hunting, and climbing
Drives tractor, helps on the farm, and 
is old enough to babysit.

Responsible, sincere, helpful

Very good at math

World's best big brother

 Legos, traps, inventions, woodworking, forts, tea plantations, unlimited plans

Desire to please God 

It's hard work being the oldest.  It means you're the guinea pig in the family.  We've (I've) been the hardest on you.  The most expectations, the most math curricula (Five or six - sorry, bud!), the most frustrations...let's face it, you take the brunt of your parents' inexperience.  We could not love you more or be more proud of the young man you've become.  God has worked in your life (inspite of your crazy parents).  Please never forget that you are not limited by what you can do.  God will enable you to accomplish ANYTHING He asks you to do. Continue to put your trust in Him.  We're looking forward to enjoying your teens.