Thursday, April 28, 2016

Emily and the Great Physician

I know you're probably thinking...

Forget Emily!


Thank you!  Alex is doing great
And tomorrow...or Saturday I will update about Alex.
Unless I'm still suffering from dishwasher failure
and the kitchen has been condemned.

So Emily's cyclic vomiting specialist decided to retire in spite of our threats!

The ungrateful buzzard!
Part of Alex's middle name is after him!
(The Li in LiBao was kept because of Dr. Li)

The upshot is we're not driving all the way to Milwaukee to see a cyclic vomiting NON-specialist!

We decided to move her back to where her pediatric cardiologist is and our local pediatric GI that knows her situation and suggested Dr. Li in the first place.  He agreed to follow the protocol set up and we were good to go....until insurance!

 Ruby hospital and specialty clinic no longer accepts our insurance.  

Now what?

Because, you know, pediatric cardiologists and gastroenterologists grow on trees!!!

Stupid insurance!

The website was no help.
The first insurance person I spoke with said, "I can't find any!" and hung up.
The second offered me names for an adult cardiologist and a pathologist.
I hung up.

Our next step was to try and see if our local doctor's office would prescribe the meds for her.  She has a protocol and the meds are's doable, right?

Kind of.

She came in with a big smile and said, "You probably don't remember, but I already have seen Emily several times."  No, I'd remember!  She's seen Dr. Porter and Chris Baker and Melinda Stoner.  She continued, "I saw her at Ruby when I was a resident there."  

An unasked, YES answer prayer from God.

A doctor who already knows:
what cyclic vomiting is
Emily's specialists by name and studied under them
that we are crazy in love with our daughter,
but not the crazy-we-should-be-committed type
our Emily

It's been almost three years since Em was at Ruby and this former resident still remembered her!

She also remembered praying with Kenton one dark day in the hospital when the outlook was pretty bleak and we didn't know what to do.

She agreed to help us in any way she safely can.
It can't be everything we hoped for, but we expected that.

We are so thankful that God sent us to a physician that understands and is willing to help!
God has blessed us and Emily SO MUCH!

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  1. What a true blessing from above that just the right doctor for Emily presented herself at just the right time.
    And I can't wait to hear more about Alex!