Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Chop Shop

It was time.

Okay, it was actually long past time.

My boys were at the brink of being confused with Bigfoot. I needed to cut some hair. I only intended to trim Megan's bangs...but somehow it turned into a bob. I love how it frames her face and her beautiful eyes. Of course, the cheesy grin kind of alleviates the effect.

I didn't intend to touch the wiggle worm's hair with a 10-foot pole. I tried to convince her that a haircut meant no more ponytails but she was NOT going to be left out. Finally I snipped off one side, proceeded around to the back, and headed toward the home stretch past the other ear. As I took the last snip, I thought, "Wow, that's funny. I don't remember seeing an earlobe when I cut the other side." Unfortunately I hadn't. Since I couldn't stretch the short side you know what I had to do. Bet she'll never beg to have me cut her hair again. :P

Kenton started calling me The Butcher.

Please remember Kim.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The kids made for Father's Day cards. Saturday night Kenton and I were saying tucking kids into bed when Megan asked me where I put the thing for D-A-D.

I guess this means our spelling method of secret communication has become largely obsolete.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Once upon a time...

there was a farmer who desperately wanted a black lab. He was married to a dog-hating cheapskate.

One day the cheapskate heard about a family who was trying to dump...I mean, find the perfect home for a black lab-rottweiler mix puppy.

The farmer was overjoyed to find the perfect little "Twice Purebred".

The old cheapskate agreed to the freebie on two conditions: the dog would never enter their house and the dog would be taught (by the farmer) the path to the outhouse(otherwise known as anywhere outside the yard).

But the first night home an icy March wind was blowing. Much too cold for the little bugger to be outside. He slept in a clothesbasket next to their bed. Not only that but the pest began to cry and whine at 4:00 a.m. when the farmer in the dell left to milk cows. The cheapskate was scared to hold the pest but five minutes of relentless crying was all it took before, with black thoughts in her heart for both the farmer and the pest, she gingerly wrapped it in an enormous bath towel and sat with it in her lap until the pest...I mean, the farmer, returned from milking cows.

A short time later the farmer realized that his favorite cheapskate was not responding well to puppy love or 4:00 a.m. wake up calls. He began carrying the pest around zipped into his coat. They bonded rapidly.

Eventually the pest even won over the cheapskate. After all she had endearing habits like dropping dead things in the yard and leaving highly personal and aromatic reminders of her presence in the path between the front door and the car. Sam also killed rodents, chickens, the occasional barn cat and provided total adoration and unceasing affection for the farmer in the dell and his undeserving cheapskate wife.

In the days BK (before kids) he was pretty special. On January 20 (his birthday) they'd take Sam out for a Happy Meal. She liked the two cheeseburger one. The farmer and the cheapskate would share the pop and the fries.

Sam was responsible for the single most embarrassing event of the cheapskate's life. Dumb dog!

Sam has not been doing so well lately. She's been looking pretty rough, shivering, not eating. In short, they knew the end was near.

Today was that really bad day. Lots of tears were shed. The farmer in the dell and his four little rugrats are grieving.

Please remember Kim in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Back and forth, back and forth.

That's how I feel lately about two decisions. Since I have this bad habit of seeing the world in black and white I particularly LOATHE this feeling of indecision.

The first is school choice for next year. Tough one. Lots of pros and cons.

I guess we'll homeschool again. I ordered curriculum so I guess that means I'm committed. Too bad this isn't a reality show. It could be the first filming of a woman slowly driving herself insane.

The other is gymnastics for Megan. This is a another tough one.

For lots of reasons it's better that she be done. She has been a total trooper about the decision even though she's disappointed. Her dad and I know that it is a wise decision.

So why do I feel so awful about it?

Please remember Kim.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unloading Hay

Cool mornings like this one are a better time to unload hay. Now that the kids are getting older we're all getting drafted for this sweaty, scratchy job.

Kaitlyn didn't like the sound of the elevator.My little hayseed.
Farm boys hitching a ride.
The big kids helping unload. They all prefer shoving from the top of the load.
Playing London Bridges with Kaitlyn.
I think:
The corn is mostly in. The soy beans are all planted. They've chopped in all of first crop. Not finished spraying or baling first crop.
We had two nasty weeks of rain in May that had us concerned but the weather cleared up beautifully and the job is getting done. Woohoo!

Please remember Kim in your prayers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Disclaimer: This is for the grandparents.

Yes, Megan had her gymnastics recital (program?) recently....along with soccer games, working the concession stand briefly, and our homestudy. It has been a crazy week.

Here's part of the pre-team.

As stated before this is for the grandparents.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Sister Kim

This is my sister Kim. She got many of the blessings of the family gene pool and managed to avoid most of the curses. That was less of a trick than you might think since my parents had already generously passed on some of the rotten genetics to me. Did I mention she got great hair and a good voice and she's calm and easy going? It's a good thing I love her or I'd spend my time being pea-green with envy.

She generously shares her beautician talents with family members. Of course, this was the before picture...you might not have wanted to see my brother Steven after...

This is her son, my nephew Logan. He was born at twenty-four weeks and spent most of his first four months in the hospital. We are so thankful that he's healthy and happy. Isn't he squeezably cute?
Kim and her husband Joey are expecting again and we look forward to meeting our new nephew. However Kim has a heart condition. It is very serious. Please pray for Kim. Their baby is due in September.