Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Back and forth, back and forth.

That's how I feel lately about two decisions. Since I have this bad habit of seeing the world in black and white I particularly LOATHE this feeling of indecision.

The first is school choice for next year. Tough one. Lots of pros and cons.

I guess we'll homeschool again. I ordered curriculum so I guess that means I'm committed. Too bad this isn't a reality show. It could be the first filming of a woman slowly driving herself insane.

The other is gymnastics for Megan. This is a another tough one.

For lots of reasons it's better that she be done. She has been a total trooper about the decision even though she's disappointed. Her dad and I know that it is a wise decision.

So why do I feel so awful about it?

Please remember Kim.


  1. Will definitely pray for Kim. How far along is she? What is her condition? Call me if you like..<3

  2. Saralee,Kim is almost 27 weeks, I think. She has a heart condition (I don't know specifically what.)that is particularly hazardous during delivery. During labor with her first(a preemie at 24 weeks) her blood pressure dropped like a rock. She's getting shots every other week and seeing a doc every other week. In August she goes back to Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis. Thank you for praying. It is VERY serious.