Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Chop Shop

It was time.

Okay, it was actually long past time.

My boys were at the brink of being confused with Bigfoot. I needed to cut some hair. I only intended to trim Megan's bangs...but somehow it turned into a bob. I love how it frames her face and her beautiful eyes. Of course, the cheesy grin kind of alleviates the effect.

I didn't intend to touch the wiggle worm's hair with a 10-foot pole. I tried to convince her that a haircut meant no more ponytails but she was NOT going to be left out. Finally I snipped off one side, proceeded around to the back, and headed toward the home stretch past the other ear. As I took the last snip, I thought, "Wow, that's funny. I don't remember seeing an earlobe when I cut the other side." Unfortunately I hadn't. Since I couldn't stretch the short side you know what I had to do. Bet she'll never beg to have me cut her hair again. :P

Kenton started calling me The Butcher.

Please remember Kim.


  1. Your children are adorable! Oh my...I am laughing SO hard! You are a hoot!!!

    Love and blessings,

  2. I have many "fond" memories of when my mom would attempt to cut my bangs and I'd end up looking like Frankenstein!

  3. Saralee!!!
    Just what are you implying? :D