Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unloading Hay

Cool mornings like this one are a better time to unload hay. Now that the kids are getting older we're all getting drafted for this sweaty, scratchy job.

Kaitlyn didn't like the sound of the elevator.My little hayseed.
Farm boys hitching a ride.
The big kids helping unload. They all prefer shoving from the top of the load.
Playing London Bridges with Kaitlyn.
I think:
The corn is mostly in. The soy beans are all planted. They've chopped in all of first crop. Not finished spraying or baling first crop.
We had two nasty weeks of rain in May that had us concerned but the weather cleared up beautifully and the job is getting done. Woohoo!

Please remember Kim in your prayers.

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  1. Holly, I so get it! Our corn is in, we got the last of the soybeans in about a week ago, and we've just finished first cut (haylage). We, too, were concerned about getting the crop in with all the rain we've had - and the back two fields aren't tile drained, so that was a concern. But, the Lord sent a good two week period with no rain so we were able to get 'er done. And just in time, as we've got some friends coming for a weeklong visit, and now we'll actually be able to spend time with them between milkings!

    It'll be nice to keep up with the goings on in your neck of the woods. And glad to have you check in on our blog too! Guess we should put more "farm" posts on!