Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Sister Kim

This is my sister Kim. She got many of the blessings of the family gene pool and managed to avoid most of the curses. That was less of a trick than you might think since my parents had already generously passed on some of the rotten genetics to me. Did I mention she got great hair and a good voice and she's calm and easy going? It's a good thing I love her or I'd spend my time being pea-green with envy.

She generously shares her beautician talents with family members. Of course, this was the before might not have wanted to see my brother Steven after...

This is her son, my nephew Logan. He was born at twenty-four weeks and spent most of his first four months in the hospital. We are so thankful that he's healthy and happy. Isn't he squeezably cute?
Kim and her husband Joey are expecting again and we look forward to meeting our new nephew. However Kim has a heart condition. It is very serious. Please pray for Kim. Their baby is due in September.

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  1. Shame on you! You are just as lovely as your sister (well, from what I can tell and remember). I pray all goes well for your sister.