Monday, August 10, 2015

July, 2015

July was a busy month for us.

There was a Black and White Show...
and no quarantine interrupted the show this time.  

All the kids showed except Emily.
Jamison took a first in showmanship at the intermediate level.
His dad was pretty excited.  :)

I think Megan took 2nd for showmanship at that level.

Davis didn't have a cow of his own to show, so he showed one of his dad's. 

Kaitlyn showed her first calf, Ruby.
(Well, her first to survive.)

We canned applesauce.  Lots of it.
And this picture must have been staged because the kitchen was a wreck!

We have puppies.
Lots of puppies.
And we're running a special...
Buy one for free, get another for free...and another...and...

We have kids who are pretty happy.

We went to Minnesota for two weeks and the weather

Emily being towed (again) by her faithful cousin Logan.

Tube wars

Tyler and Megan tubing

My crazy sister Kim!

And in the midst of all the fun
we remembered Alex in China and pray that he fills this sweatshirt up sooner
rather than later.

More to come.


  1. Looks like fun!! I want to be your neighbor☺️ And I want a puppy. But Mike will say no. What kind are they besides free?

  2. Hmm...maybe you guys should come up and check them out! :) They are half black lab and half something else...we're not exactly sure what. Free is the key word many as you want for FREE. I think each of your kids need one. And in-laws. :P