Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black and White Show

Oakview Ridge Holsteins went to a show tonight.

It was a rough day at the fairgrounds. For awhile this afternoon there was no water. How do you wash 15 cows with no water? Things got a little delayed so Kenton was clipping cows till the last minute.

Davis' cow stood first in this class and Jamison's cow stood second.

Davis "helped" lead his behemoth.

Most of the older grandkids are at choral camp but all the littlest ones were there. Doesn't grandma look like she's having fun keeping all those kids corraled?

Our cow Sheila took supreme grand champion. Kenton was pretty excited.

In other news, Megan is rooming with three cousins at camp. Today they won the trophy for cleanest room. I hear the trophy has a scrub brush on the top. They're hoping to win again this week. Cinderella wannabes?

Oh...just found out that Jamison's room won the same award on his floor. No offense, but this was only possible because he did not bring legos to camp. Trust me, there's no possible chance he would be eligible for this award at home...with legos around.

Li'l Bud has a name, Lucas Adam. Kim and Lucas are both doing well. We are hoping to stop in Duluth and see him on our way up north this summer. I don't expect that he'll be home for awhile yet.


  1. I LOVE the farm life. All my kiddos would have enjoyed growing up on a farm..except maybe Ivy.

  2. So glad to hear that Kim and Lucas are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
    I was born in Duluth too! My Aunt and Uncle still live there.