Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We're Adding a Little Pink...

to our world

instead of blue...

 Surprise!  It's a girl!

We're getting Emily, not Alex.  She's in Gansu, China.  Emily was born June 10, 2010.

We received pre-approval today! 

For those wondering....we did not request a girl or a boy.  We said either.   The girls and Kenton wanted a girl.  The boys and I wanted a boy.  An even split.  Our old agency said that if we really didn't care she was matching us with a boy.

 Then we changed agencies.  A girl it is.  We're all pretty excited about going to China for another little one.  BUT Davis sobbed himself to sleep the first night...and insists on praying for Alex instead of Emily.  However, he's holding us to the promise that HE can be the first one of the kids to hold our new little one so in the long run he'll get over it.


  1. She is ADORABLE!!! congratulations!!

  2. Beautiful! I think I might be jealous.

  3. Thanks, Amy!

    Cheri, once we get Emily we'll still be one behind you! :P

  4. Yay! Pre-approval! Been thinking of you and wanting an update. Yay!

  5. Oh, I am so SO excited for you!!! She is precious!! Thanks for sharing the big news. I look forward to following your journey to bring her home!!! CONGRATS!!!

  6. So, so happy for you. She is adorable and I think Davis will get over it once he holds her. (:
    Still going to call you, waiting for a calm time around here.

  7. Congratulations on another cutie! Can't wait to see her in person. :)

  8. Congrats! We were in Lanzhou, Gansu for our adoption in Oct/Nov. 2011, if you want to read my blog about being there- it was great!


  9. Exciting news, Congratulations!

  10. I like the name :) Oh, I can't wait!