Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Emily is still in the hospital but she's got a student nurse hot on her tail so I have a few moments free.  I'm grateful.  She's still throwing up, still not taking anything by mouth but talking some and moving pretty fast.  This is the first day she's been interested in playdough or books or MOVING.  It feels good.  We've almost always had nine day episodes.  I'm hoping that we may have a shorter episode this time...of course, this may cost me big time; kind of like hoping for an early delivery and going past your due date. 
Kenton's mom watched the kids most of the time when Emily was hospitalized last Fall.  When they left for Florida, Kenton planned most of his indoor work (bill paying, crop planning, taxes, etc.) for these times.  Plus, we had some friends that helped out.  Kenton is getting busier and Martha is back so guess where the big kids are?  My parents have been planning to come.  They stopped to visit my Uncle Craig, are heading up to Niagara Falls, and then will come here.  It's a bit hard to be here and know that mom and dad will there soon...and I didn't have a chance to change the sheets on the bed or straighten up. 


Milk dud report:  Kenton bought a "new" for us tractor.  Davis is a bit disgusted; it's blue.  However, I was informed that it has a nice buddy seat so I guess it isn't all bad.  ;) 
We're shipping more milk than ever before 10,000 lbs/day.  I'd give you that in gallons but I can't quite remember how many pounds in a gallon, something like eight, I believe.


  1. So hope your hospital stay is shorter this time! Love to Emily. Great news about Steve. Don't worry, your mom will have the sheets changed, the furniture rearranged, and the whole house painted before you even get home....and, I'm impressed what a good farmer's wife you are...8 pounds a long have you been doing this??? Love you! :)

  2. I know, I know...I'm a loser farm wife. :P
    You're right, mom's on a mission.