Monday, May 6, 2013

Memory Lane for Megan

 Someone had a birthday.

I'm glad I strolled down Memory Lane.
I forgot how beautiful and smiley she was...

Until she turned about 18 months.  
She didn't stop crying, unless she was sleeping, for the next two years.
Drama, drama, drama.

 When I knew baby #2 was on the way, I desperately wanted another boy. 
Jamison was so wonderful I couldn't imagine that a little girl would be as wonderful.
I wanted to be happy regardless and prepared my heart for a the third trimester it had worked a little too well, I was sure I HAD TO HAVE A GIRL!

She has her daddy wrapped pretty tight around her little finger.

 She's a lot of fun.

Her dad will be pretty happy if this is her attitude toward Prince Charming for a long time.

Happy Birthday, Megan!


  1. She is soooo beautiful! You guys have a good gene pool.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Hope you got spoiled like you deserve to be! (: