Thursday, March 13, 2014

Queen of Best

Saturday was an unusually productive day.
  I never have those.
  At best I usually just achieve mediocre.  Mediocre, that's when the-downstairs-is-presentable-if-you-forgot-your-glasses....proceed upstairs at your own risk.
  I was so enthused by the unusual productivity that I had this totally unrealistic thought that I am actually getting this five kids, homeschooling act together.  Don't worry...reality set in quickly.

Monday we almost had death by piano lessons imminent for 0 - 4 people. This is when the mother discovers that three children haven't practiced for the lessons they will be taking in less than 24 hours.  The family patriarch and non-musician in the family fails to understand WHY piano lessons must be accompanied so frequently by wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Don't worry my dentures should be arriving any time now.

Tuesday was comforter knotting at the church, the pouring of concrete for yet another stage on the money pit manure pit by the farmer in the dell and three big kids, piano lessons for the three piano delinquents who have survived to play another day, and I did a program at the local nursing home, proving that, at least in my mother's case, the sackcloth and ashes paid off.

Wednesday, Kaitlyn went to a birthday party while the birthday girl's brother left his room unguarded and came to play with Davis.  Later on in the afternoon two more of Davis' friends came to play.  I was forced to cook two meals because Old Mother Holly's cupboards were bare of the essentials bread and eggs and leftovers. I wept.

Thursday was another day of craziness, Emily had PT scheduled, a friend came to help give me some tips and encouragement in teaching my kids to write, and I stocked up at Wallyworld. 

There are nine more weeks of school.  I'M SURE I'll have time to catch up on housework then.  Right?

In other news, Emily has been well for 209 DAYS!  She had bloodwork and an EKG last Friday.  I'm a little nervous they'll say the dose is too high for heart safety and we'll have to back it off, but in the meantime we're enjoying all these vomit free days!  It was one year ago today that she first saw Dr. B.U.K. Li for the first time.  We will forever be grateful to his expertise in helping Emily get better. 

(Please excuse the lousy picture.  It was even worse before I cropped it.)

THANK YOU to so many who walked that hard road of illness beside us, so many acts of kindness, words of encouragement, and much prayer!  THANK YOU!



  1. Wow, you lead an interesting life. I'm so glad for you and Emily. I cannot imagine what you have experienced. Take care!

  2. I feel your pain! I remember homeschooling my older 3..and playing mom of all trades...It WILL get the!

    Benjamin and I are still praying for the 200+ days vomit free little girl that we hope to meet late spring or early summer!

    Hang in there...9 weeks is not that far away...and, well, the housework< i have found,always gives way to enjoying time with the kids when NOT homeschooling (i.e. change the teacher hat to mom hat).

    Talk to you soon.
    Love ya!

  3. Yeah for Emily!! And way to go Mom! I am only homeschooling one and she is kicking my butt. Praying that it will get better next yr.
    Love ya!!

  4. Hmm.... we have piano lessons Monday,,,,I'm sure we can get at least three practices in in the next day and a half.....gnash, gnash....