Sunday, June 8, 2014

In the Good Old Summertime

Lots of visits to the park.

Grandma came for a visit.
I figured I could either pay someone to come and clean
invite mom to come and clean for free.
I'd love to report that the place is immaculate...
but I should have invited her for the summer if I wanted that to happen.

The kids enjoyed some extra spoilin'

We spent quite a bit of time in the flowerbeds.
(I got a little carried away with the purple)

Kenton loves when this kind of thing gets left right in front of the door.

But the girls had a ton of fun...
so that kind of justifies the mess, right?

 Lots of fun in the sunshine.

We're in our last month of "birthday season".
Emily made a birthday cake out of sand with stick candles.
Naturally the Center of Attention needed to put it right in the middle of the sidewalk.

We've gone through a ton of cookies between soccer game snacks and other things.

Emily had her last speech lesson with "Miss Amy" Yoder-Yutzy.  
We've been so blessed by her enthusiasm and encouragement.
She's still a year behind in speech, but since she'll turn four this week she'll start going to the elementary school for weekly speech with Miss Pam.

Remember those carefully done flowerbeds...

I think I'll give up!

Dennis and Lydia may arrive from Mexico on Monday.  Machelle and the other girls will be heading for Washington state.  Prayers for safe travel would be appreciated.

Milk Dud Report: 310 acres of corn planted.  Four more acres to go.  Chopping first crop.  Corn is all sprayed except for that four acres.  Soybeans need to be sprayed.  Money  manure pit is almost done.

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  1. Enjoy your summer! Your mom!!! She's beautiful! I love the flowers and the mud pies. Brings back fun memories.