Monday, August 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up - 1

This blog is a bit of a family diary so I hate getting really behind.  Then I wonder if I should catch up in chronological order, just do a photo dump and be done with it, or if I should be true to my usual Haphazard Holly theme.  Welcome to Haphazard Holly strikes again!

We just got back from *Minnesota* the finest state in the nation.

I had time to catch up with two high school friends whom I haven't seen in fifteen years.
Ana and her kids Elizabeth and John took us to Enger Tower in Duluth.
(Elizabeth with my kids.  John didn't want his picture taken)

It's a good thing Kenton arrived a week later, we'd have been there forever
checking out the view of the port.

The aerial lift bridge is one of my favorite sites here.  

I didn't think to get pictures of Ana or Amy BUT neither one has changed a whole lot since high school.  I enjoyed meeting their families.  It's pretty special to see your friends happily married with nice kids.

It's our first trip to Minnesota with Emily that didn't include a hospital stay AND the weather was nice enough to be in the lake.  Need I say more?

They played a little corn toss.

 At one point I saw some heads under those holes.
I assume that someone got painfully beaned in the brain
leading to this switch to the feet.

Emily and Lucas became best buddies.

In a moment of inspiration (and without remembering that we ALWAYS leave with
 MUCH MORE than we came with) I stuffed Emily's trike into the van.

Without it, best buds might have been WWIII instead.

Mom's gardens were beautiful as always.

Lots of loons!
Lots of loons calling.

It was beautiful!

Some of the best times involved the lake, food, and family.

The kids played on the beach inspite of the curse of deer flies and mosquitoes.

We took lots of boat rides,

played with cousins,

took four-wheeler rides,

enjoyed the littlest cousin,

and the oldest cousin.

More to come.

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  1. It looks like a great time. It is such a beautiful place.