Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's......

Off to China we go. Doubtless blogging five hours before we leave is questionable, but I wanted to leave you with a picture of WHO is worth it all.I've never felt so blessed by so many. From luggage, babysitting, snacks for the trip, rides to the airport, BTDT wisdom from many Faith families and RQers, to offers to help keep our farm up and milking while my knight in farmer armor is absent and a love gift and support from our church family. But most importantly, thanks to those who are praying for Yingying's heart to find a forever family. God is faithful.
The kids are here at home with my mom and dad. I hope two weeks of spoiling doesn't ruin them forever. ;P My dad hasn't had such an opportunity to soak in the country aroma of manure in 40 years. His hands will be soft as a baby's when he heads back to the paper mill. Nothing like getting back to your roots to help you appreciate how far you've come. : D Mom will be busy remodeling. She can now work on my house without supervision or limitations....her dream come true.
We'll be in Beijing(think TianAnMen Square, Olympic Park, and the Great Wall) until Sunday when we fly to Nanning, Guangxi. Monday afternoon (February 1) we get Yingying. We'll be in her province until February 5 when we fly to Guangzhou(where the US consulate is). We'll be staying at the Victory until the end of our trip. Then off to Hong Kong, fly to Chicago, fly to Pittsburgh, drive home..........and clicking your heels together three times and "I wish I was home" never sounded so good.
Hopefully, our next post will be from CHINA. WooooHoooooo!


  1. Praying for Safe travels and smooth transition.
    Johanna (faith family)

  2. So excited! What day do you guys get back home?

  3. Prayers are going with you. We love you guys & are looking forward to meeting Katelyn Ying!

  4. Oops! I think I spelled her name wrong!