Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today is the big day!

We arrived here in Nanning last night about 7:15.  It was obvious before we hit the ground that I underestimated the temperature here and should have packed more short sleeves.  It was 75 degrees fahrenheit in the evening.  The air is warm and humid and smells sweet. 
In a few minutes we're heading for Walmart.  Did you know they're everywhere?  We need to get some bottled water and a few other things.  Of course, once we get Yingying we'll probably need to go back and pick up some more.  
Before we left Beijing we had our new guide Belinda read the characters for Yingying's name and say it for us.   OH, NO!!!! We've been saying it all wrong.  It's more like Shuhng, Yoon Yoon(said very rapidly!)  I've kind of fallen in love with Yingying.  I'm not sure I'm wild about Kaitlyn Yoon.  Relief and more relief when our Nanning guide David said that we actually have it pretty close to accurate.  I think he's planning to teach us a few Chinese phrases this morning.  Good thing.  I don't think "hello, stranger" and "I DON'T want it" will get me very far with Yingying.
God has blessed us so much this trip.  Our travel mates in Beijing were SO much fun!  (Ask me sometime about "Burnis" but make sure I've had plenty of sleep first)  Our travel mates here in Nanning are fellow believers from Arkansas. 
At three we go to the CAB (Civil Affairs Bureau) to meet our daughter.  We appreciate your continued prayer as Yingying adjusts to a new life. 
To be continued.........   

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