Monday, February 1, 2010


Yingying is all ours and she's even more wonderful than we hoped.  She and Kenton are upstairs sleeping.  She came in clutching the musical bear we sent her in a care package and wearing black embroidered snow pants and a Chinese style red winter coat (Please keep in mind it was around 75 degrees fahrenheit today! : D  )
Initially we bribed her with candy and she was sober but okay.  Then we got in the van to leave the CAB and the waterworks started.  She cried until we got to our hotel room.  We tried to take off her coat but she acted like she was going to bite me if I insisted so the coat stayed on.  Cheerios were a huge hit and she loved putting them into the stacking cups.  Like Megan she wants everything just so.  : )  Someday my house will be immaculate.   ; D  We had a chance to play with her for about twenty minutes before we needed to leave again to file more paperwork.  At supper we started to see some smiles and we even got some chuckles out of her.  It was amazingly beautiful!  What a special gift from God on a special day.  After supper we were able to get her out of her snow suit and she played for a little bit, but she was tired.   She wanted to dump the bottle over and spill it.  When I wouldn't let her, the waterworks started.  She cried pretty hard for twenty minutes, sometimes writhing but never pushing me away, until she fell asleep in my arms clutching her musical bear and Kendra's taggy blanket.  Poor little baby girl.  My heart breaks at all she is losing. 
We have one beautiful picture of her laughing while Kenton pretended to fall over when she pushed the ball at him.  I can't wait for you all to see that beautiful smile.  It is adorable.  
She's walking, has perfect coordination, takes a bottle of formula three times a day, wears diapers,  feeds herself very well with a spoon, and did I mention that she has a beautiful smile and an adorable giggle?  She's also very smart!  She had those stacing cups figured out in no time.....and she has a darling smile.   : D 
The hardest day is over.  God is good.  We already got our first smiles and giggles.  Please continue to pray. 


  1. I am thrilled for you! I'm soo glad the first day went well. Prayers are continuing. Love you.

  2. Holly, I'm so happy you have your sweet daughter!! I'm DYING to see pictures! I can hardly stand it. I'm glad all is well, and she is opening up to you. Have a safe trip.

    Sheri (from your Faith family)

  3. Oh how WONDERFUL! Jumping for joy on this side of the world!

  4. Hi Holly,

    So happy to hear that your first day is going fairly smooth. Many prayers for you and your family and especially yingying.

    Reena (Faith Family)

  5. Congrats!! Glad things are going well. Can't wait to see lots of pics:)

    Amy (Faith Family)