Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home again, home again.....

Jiggety jig. Okay, not many jigs around here right now. But here's a smile anyway. Enjoying daddy the horse
One day in a moment of temporary insanity........okay, I am making a real effort to not have my older kids think that life revolves around Kaitlyn.
Sticker fun

Saturday night Megan came home from our friend's house and threw up. All over the bathroom. I sent her upstairs WITH A BUCKET. Do you know where this is leading? Naturally, about 11:00 p.m. she threw up again. NOT in the bucket. At 12:00 a.m. Kaitlyn woke up screaming. At naptime she stripped completely and peed and plastered diarrhea all over the crib. My theme song for the week: I've Been Scrubbing in the Washtub. Anyone have any words of wisdom regarding pack-n-play cleanup?

Overall Jamison, Megan, and Davis are doing pretty good with the transition. Jamison thinks she's HIS. Megan loves her, but tends to overdo it a little. Davis likes her but hasn't totally connected with her yet. The novelty is starting to wear off a little which is probably good otherwise Kaitlyn would end up thinking the world is HER oyster. Davis did ask me yesterday why I always hold Kaitlyn and never him. WARNING: martyr syndrome! "All you need to do is ask." That won me a grin. : D

Kaitlyn is doing pretty well. She's still fighting the bug a bit, had a shot yesterday, and we found out that she has a heart murmur. We head to the pediatric cardiologist as a precaution on March 17. She's having some (screaming) tantrums, still making lots of eye contact, sleeps soundly (with or without pajamas and/or diaper - yes, it's happened more than once), wants to be held a lot unless she's on the move, loves to be outside in the snow(weirdo!), eating good (hates plain milk - that will have to change : D ) and is adding a lot of joy to our household.

On the farming front - Lots of snow meant barn roofs needed to be shoveled off. Manure disposal has been a pain. Tractor has gotten stuck and the spreader Kenton just worked on broke badly today. He's in a quandary about fixing it or buying a new one. Yep, it was that bad of a break.


  1. Oh Holly..........sounds like a rough week! and I thought we had it bad with colds, sore throats, and coughs. Your children are all precious and it sounds like they are all doing well. We will pray for a quick recovery and for you and Kenton not to get that nasty bug!
    Take care!
    Anne in AZ (Courtney's Mom!)

  2. The Blue Willow plate and chopsticks are great! (Did you let the other kids eat off that plate when they were 2?) ;) Sorry to hear my house is not the only one with a kid with a martyr syndrome....hope everyone is feeling better and "Powerwasher?" might be my only pack-n-play advice. Oh that, and I'm bringing my own the next time you babysit for me.

  3. Holly, so sorry your kiddos are sick...stomach bugs are the worst!! No suggestions for the pack and play...I'm such a freak about germs from things like that...it might end up trashed if it were me! lol...unless it could be power washed with Lysol or Pine sol...or something. Ewwww...
    I hope no one else gets it.
    So far my dh and now Leilah have it...not vomiting yet, but ewwwwie diarrhea! So I'm almost right there with you!
    So glad things are settling in otherwise.
    Sheri (from your Faith family)