Wednesday, February 3, 2010

People's Park and meltdowns

Meltdown......Not getting her way today touched off a crying jag that had Yingying crying for an hour or so.  Not fun.  Right in the middle of it there was a knock at the door.  I thought, "Great, complaints.  Sorry, there's nothing I can do about a crying baby that's legal."  Instead it was the pictures from the disposable camera we had sent to Yingying.  It was really special to get pictures of her foster family.  She cried and looked at the pictures and cried and slept a little and cried some more.  After all that, she calmed down and was as sweet as sugar the rest of the day. 
People's Park  -  the most perfect part of China.  Absolutely gorgeous.  People playing games, hackey sack, playing instruments, singing, dancing, feeding the fish, peeing, riding in boats.  All within a very small space.  Kenton got video of the different instruments.  There's a even a shot of an electric hammer dulcimer, Becky.  : )  There were children and grandparents and it was like seeing the China that I dreamed of.  You wouldn't believe how beautiful it all was.  There were spreading trees and palms and flowers and graceful bridges and carp(sorry, I just automatically connect huge goldfish with China) and people at play everywhere. 

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