Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She's doing great!

Yingying is doing great.  I guess I should tell you first that the initial Y in her name is not pronounced.  We did LOTS of paperwork today.  As far as Guangxi province is concerned, she's all ours. 
We had a chance to talk with the assistant orphanage director today.  She so obviously wanted to hold Y during pictures, but Yingying wasn't having anything to do with her.  She told us that Y. has Excema.  I wondered what all the itching was about.  She didn't have signs of scabies but itched frequently.  She said that  Y. is very possessive....so we've discovered. Apparently the scratches on her forehead happened when the other child in the foster home tried to touch HER bear and photo album.  She hates to use pockets preferring instead to stick things down her shirt.  In the home, Y. was the older foster child and liked being the helper.  We have already discovered that she likes everything just so.
Our   guide is a little like the wedding planner in Father of the Bride.  However, he LOVES these kids.  He's taught us some Chinese, taken us shopping, told us what to get, but more importantly, he checks frequently to make sure the kids are doing well, plays with them, told us we needed to use their Chinese names for a bit(and how to pronounce them), etc. 
Today I asked him if he's ever had an adoption fall through.  He looked close to tears when he acknowledged that has happened.  Apparently the little ones haven't been such a big deal, but one with an older child was really devastating.
Yingying is adorable.  She's pretty independent and smart.  She keeps hitting the caps lock as we sit here together and then she giggles.  She is also a tease!  Janelle, when I see a big smile on her face, something about her reminds me of Micah. She also keeps dropping the calculator and her dolly on the floor.......and then laughs.  She's doing remarkably well.  Not really any tears today, including naptime, except once when she didn't get her way. 
Gotta run, my two-year-old has had enough.  Maybe tomorrow I can think of something else besides the kid!  : P   Keep the prayer coming our way. : ) 

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  1. Congratulations on your new daughter! Mom sent me your link today so I've been perusing and catching up. I had to laugh at the description of your guide -- "like the wedding planner from Father of the Bride." Ha! Hope things go well as you gear up to head back home.