Tuesday, February 2, 2010

People's Park

We're done with paperwork here but need to hang around until Thursday to get her passport.  We leave for Guangzhou on Friday.
We have really sensed God answering so many of our prayers with "Yes!"  We've had good health, we've had wonderful times in Beijing and Nanning, our guides have been topnotch, and Yingying appears to be attaching well.  She's making eye contact, relating to us, amusing us, eating everything.  I'm sure there's more but I am drawing a blank.  I know that the "mountain top" won't last forever but we're sure enjoying the view while we're here.  : D
Yesterday Yingying wanted to run out of the room in the civil affairs building where we were supposed to stay.  When we'd go after her she'd run for all she was worth and giggle like it was the greatest thing in the world.  This summer ought to be interesting. 
We've had a little more down time here in Nanning.  I think we needed it after the whirlwind of Beijing.  We have taken some walks and found a free market where Kenton bought a big grapefruit looking thing.  It had a rind thick as the Great Wall and was dry as the sahara.  A couple of bites was plenty.  We bought corn candy the other day to give to the orphanage.  Our travel mates said it had the consistency of stale marshmallows and tasted awful.  Now I really wish we had kept a few pieces.  : )  
I love walking around here.  There's always lots to see and we feel totally safe.      

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