Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you haven't been to China.......

Here's some things you might enjoy seeing. The pagoda in the garden of the Forbidden City.

The ceiling of some building in the Forbidden City.
Look at this picture. Now look 1000 more times and congratulations! You've seen the Forbidden City. Okay, cynicism aside, but it did get a little old looking at numerous versions of the same building.
I thought all these little one-room shops in Beijing were fascinating.
Like the Olympics? This is the Water Cube. :D
This is a really bad shot of the Bird's Nest.
I wish the scenery this time of year had been green, but maybe this will give you some perspective on the Great Wall of China.

Kenton's favorite billboard in China.

The first video is just of a street in China. We couldn't believe the number of people!
The second video is from my favorite place in China, the People's Park. These women dancing were one of the first things we saw as we entered. I'm not very happy with myself that this is the only tape I caught of this. We saw women dancing in all three cities. It was beautiful to watch.

More later, but wanted to share a little. :D

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