Thursday, April 1, 2010

Farm Changes

Monday a number of cows went to the stockyard. Tuesday was the beginning of the big move. My sister-in-law's cows left to join her husband's herd. The farm we rented was closed down and everything from that farm moved to the home farm. Brent and Domingo will be doing the bulk of the barn work with Kenton freed up to focus more on crops. Hopefully it will give Kenton more free least until spring work hits the end of April.
The move went pretty smoothly overall. Of course, one stupid beast went berserk and broke a water line, but pretty minimal in the scheme of things.
The sudden spike in temperature made for beautiful weather today. Kenton mowed corn stalks. I suspect he let the boys play in the lime pile, too, because when the girls and I got home from a baby shower, there were gritty footprints all over the house. Nice!

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  1. Oh, the joys of farm life!! =) I'm so glad the move went relatively smooth.