Monday, May 31, 2010

We've been busy lately...

My mom was here and decided that the moratorium on removing the unused chimneys in our house was over. She's been on this personal crusade for ten years or more. Kenton finally told her to go ahead. Moral: Persistence pays off.
She did a ton of other work too: reworked a wreath and wall hanger, cleaned up soot, spoiled the grandkids, cleaned up soot, planted my garden, cleaned up soot, redid a flower bed, cleaned up soot, shampooed the carpet and furniture, and cleaned up.....well, I'm sure you get the picture. This is mom after a day removing chimneys and Kenton after a day on the farm. Notice her victorious smile? You gotta love anyone who can smile after that mess. Of course, it wasn't her four kids who were running around spreading soot to previously untouched areas. As revenge I'm posting this lovely picture of her for all to see and admire. : P
Guess what? Mom went home.....and I'm still cleaning up soot.

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  1. Oh my! Love that picture. Think its frameworthy :)