Monday, April 9, 2012

Ugh! Computers

 I'm having some computer trouble!  I'm finding them to be both a bane and blessing in my life!  My deepest apologies to those of you dying to know what's happening in the parlor. 

We have had fun with playdough at our house.  Anybody up for green mashed potatoes, turkey leg, and beans?

My parents have returned to Minnesota, Kenton's parents are back from Florida, Janelle and co. were here for Easter along with our new niece Abby,  and we have four more weeks of school!  

AND  while the Florida contingent has returned (and been set to work making Easter dinner and hauling manure) the Mexico bunch (well, one of them anyway) is probably wondering what's going on.   

Fisher-Thompson have been busy at work.  Kenton can't say enough good about Jonas King and Scott.    As you can see the upper walls and ceiling are finished. 

Dennis, Kenton wanted you to see the "tunnel" between the basement and the milk house.  Eventually the milk will move through here.

Kenton is pleased with how the basement is coming along.  We saw this basement idea at Larson Acres in Wisconsin.  Kenton really liked it.  A lot of the equipment is down here, unexposed to constant threat of water, plus the noise is downstairs.  Not so great for the once-a-month tester, but much nicer for the milker. 

The milk will drop down here from the parlor, go through pipe in the tunnel, and be pumped UP into the milk tank. 

Now here's an exciting picture, the future milk house.  These panels he used are made of the same stuff as pvc pipe.  It seems like it will wash down pretty easily and be more durable than glassboard which is what he used in the basement. 

Kenton said, "Make sure you take a picture of THIS."  But I don't remember what this is.  Sorry!  I do remember that it is supposed to save us a bunch of money on electrical.  I think he said we'll have more than one. 

This is the storage room (already in use), beyond it the office,  and up above....the future home of my couch.   When Kenton doesn't answer his cell phone, I'll no longer assume he's unreachable, I'll check to see if  he's making sure nobody steals the couch. 

The hallway between the parlor and milk house, storage room, and office. 

This past week he poured concrete for the bulk tank to sit on, had the WORST experience with painters ever (SO SORRY!  It was MY fault!   Call me for a non-recommendation) and did a bunch of other stuff but I can't remember it.  Oh, started planting oats, for one!

On the home front, we started soccer practice, Kaitlyn had her annual heart check (she's doing GREAT!), heard the Rosedale Chorale, did some sewing (it was either more doll clothes or committing murder to the painters), celebrated the Resurrection, had dinner with Kenton's family (and scrounged supper, too) snuggled baby Abby, tried making Butterhorns from scratch (it worked but I think I could do better next time), the dog ate Jamison's bike helmet,  and I realized anew how desperately I need a Savior.  Whew!  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind.   

I hope your Easter was special! 

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  1. Wow! That is some operation. I kinow you will be happy when it is done.
    Glad you had a great Easter!
    Now how are things going for the adoption?