Friday, June 15, 2012

Mom and Kim

My mom and Kim and my nephews Logan and Lucas just spent a week with us.

Logan is just a few months older than Davis. 

He and Davis had a good time together.

They spent too much time watching zombies on Scooby Doo.

Legos were another hit.

Remember my sister's preemie?

Lucas has grown a little in the last year.

He was very popular around here.

He took a shine to his Uncle Kenton.

By the end of the week he was ready to go home and see his daddy in spite of all the attention he got around here.  

Mom can't be here without doing a little home improvement.  She and Jamison put up the last few shutters on the visible sides of the house.

She restained the railings on the front porch.

The kids had a good time.

Six of the soon-to-be nine cousins.

My sister was always the crazy one.  

She's got the pink hair to prove it.  


  1. Wow, can't tell you two are sisters....;) Your poor mom... Looking forward to MY visit with you in July! Will chat soon! oxoxo

  2. I love when we have visits. Always a fun time. I'm still wanting to head up your way. Your home looks so inviting!

  3. Kendra, can't wait to see you again!
    Cheri, I've been thinking you should visit. I bet we could keep a few kids happy between us. We could probably send home a van-full of treasure with Eva. :D

  4. Great pictures! What do you mean "soon to be 9 " aren't adopting triplets?? LOL Seriously, keep us posted on when and where (airport) you might be geting Emily. We WILL make a long weekend visit out there sometime this summer, but we'll let you know when. Miss ya'll!! <3