Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Days

I feel like I've had time to regroup a little this last week.  It's 12:30 and...

  • my house is picked up/semi clean
  • I tried something new for lunch-my husband will love it.  He loves new dishes.  Poor guy.  (My repertoire is about 10 dishes long, then repeat.  My mother-in-law reads recipes second only to her Bible.  My poor husband did NOT marry his mother.)
  • my garden is weeded
  • the laundry/pantry/back porch/ mudroom has gone from totally trashed to semi-neat (a situation I'm sure my kids will remedy in the next 20 minutes or so)
  • there's laundry on the line.
  • I have several things in the freezer for when we return from China

Of course, it only took me all week to get this far so guess where I'll be Monday morning?  I'll admit Kaitlyn was in her pajamas till 11:00, my hair hasn't been combed yet, and I've been putting off writing some notes for about two weeks.

Ben and Janelle are in this week.  My newest niece is the MOST adorable baby girl (Such a fortunate aunt,  I've the cutest baby niece and nephew :D  )  I've held her, filled my baby craving, and look forward to having a TODDLER join our family.  :-)  We've been to the beach, played in the creek, and just about FINISHED soccer.  All four kids played last night: two at 5:30, one at 5:45, and one at 6:45. Lovely!  Jamison has one more game and... I am an idiot!  Megan got asked to play in an tournament and I agreed.  ONLY five more practices and a Saturday of games.  Ugh!

 Jamison preferred reading to playing...for a little bit.

Davis had to be different, too, and climbed the hill.

The girls made mud balls.

 Micah and Caleb dropped in to join the fun.  They found crayfish: Snapper, Giant (I'm sure you can figure out why), and Santa Claws.

 Kaitlyn and Caleb enjoyed peeling bark.

This morning after cleaning, three started playing with duplos.  Number Four joined the others and started whining because there were no more "people".  She wanted "Wendy".  I told her to get one of the Polly Pockets.  Thirty minutes later the duplos were abandoned and all four were playing Polly Pockets.  The boys were awfully good sports.

Milk dud report(Don't EVER quote me, I only think I know what I'm talking about): Kenton made two big changes this year.  He did mostly no-till planting instead of conventional plowing and he baled BIG square bales instead of small ones.  This has meant that by June 21 everything was planted and first crop was DONE.  Last year I think they were still planting in July and I don't think they had first crop finished before they started doing second crop.
Kenton's working on the parlor today.  He just announced that if he was a quitter he would just forget it and go work for someone else.  As he was digging the hole for one of the water reservoirs (??? - I repeat, DON'T ever quote me!) he hit the parlor drain.
Domingo is tired of milking at 3:00 and is ready to quit.  If we can get this parlor going we will be able to milk later and we'd prefer not to train a new employee during the busy summer and as we're getting ready for China.

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