Monday, July 2, 2012


 We've been without power since Friday night.  Not fun!  BUT we are SO BLESSED for two reasons: 1) we have a generator (it helps pump water to those thirsty cows) and 2) the main farm did not lose power which would make Kenton's life totally miserable.  Things are already a bit crabby around here.

The parlor is moving along.  Recently they put in three big water tanks.  We need lots of storage since all the cows are thirsty after being milked, the parlor will need to be washed down at the same time, and the pipeline will also be washed.

It looks like we're opening our personal mausoleum or something.

Everything was a little tight.  Kenton had water lines and electric lines and a milk tank to plan around.

Nothing like the novelty of something new-even if it's just tank deliveries.

This tank is for wastewater after the parlor washdown.

We interrupt this regular broadcast to bring you playdough fun.  Kaitlyn:  I can't put the playdough away.  Teddy isn't finished playing with it.

Behave kids or we'll put you down the big hole:  Don't you wonder WHAT she did?

Getting a drink.  It's hot around here.

Kenton wants LOTS of pictures of where everything is located around here.  He knows that someday he'll be in a quandary trying to figure out where he ran all those extra lines.

Lovely, eh?  I'm not sure how this will help, but he's confidant it's just what he needs.

The kids down the big holes.  They helped paint the inside of the tanks.  It gives me claustrophobia just thinking about it.

"I've had enough, mom!"

We also had a birthday around here.  It was a typical "Life on the Farm" day.  The kid got presents at breakfast, Dad was pouring concrete during dinner, Dad was finishing concrete over supper, Dad rushed in to take kids to the Bible school program( He WANTED to!), Mom stayed home for a break, Storm knocked out electric, and so we all had chocolate birthday cake for breakfast.  One day late.


He looks pretty grumpy about the whole thing, eh?

Jamison has been begging for a cordless drill since last fall.  Do you think he sleeps with it?

It came in pretty handy in the parlor later.

Parlor steps

Return lanes

Holding area and crowd gate

What the kids do while mom is painting.

So, that's catch up for now.  Next time, I hope that I can do this without the hum of a generator in the background.

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  1. Wow! That farm is incredible. And your birthday boy. He is so handsome!!

    We are without power too. No fun.