Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Last Catch Up

Before we go to China I'd like to catch up on recent doings. 

The TriState Relief Sale was last weekend.  I've worked with the Market Place and Food but my favorite is the Quilts.  This Shadow Applique was charming.  Somebody spent oodles of time on it.

I'm not wild about the tails but I loved the old fabrics on this Rooster quilt.


Megan's really into purple so she loved this purple star quilt.

I think the colors are a bit outdated on this one.

This quilt is beautifully done.  Unfortunately I had these four obnoxious children following me everywhere that kept trying to be in the picture.  Thus it's a bit blurry.  Look at all those sharp points!  My favorite overall.

Cherry Glade did this comforter.  I loved the blue blending.  

Not wild about the colors but interesting.

Davis got stung twice by a wasp.  Can you tell where?

His ear was HUGE.  

Kenton is probably the only one who will be glad for that long flight from Newark to Beijing.  Tonight he fell asleep at the computer.  They finished second crop out at Dean's.  They rented a wrapper but the bales were too big so they had to take it back and borrow a different wrapper.  You can imagine the happiness that accompanied that discovery.  

Milk Dud Report: Milking (I think) 126.  That means that some stalls are getting switched twice each milking.  We've had tons of heifer calves lately.  That means Brent will have lots of babies to feed.  Brent's double wide is scheduled to arrive next week (?), the parlor is close to finished, and the timing could have been better.  Lots of extra work for Carl, Brent, and Domingo.  I'm sorry (Lo siento), and thank you (Muchos Gracias!)!

The kids have been great!  Helpful, appreciative, well-behaved (well, except for when Megan clunked her brother for what he thought was a game and she didn't and when Davis and Megan tried to beat down the bathroom door with their brother inside and...well, they're not perfect! :-P ) and every prayer tonight revolved around going to China and most especially Emily, that God will continue to prepare her heart for a new home.

We'd be grateful for your prayers.  There are still some details to be worked out.  With all the kids I'm more concerned about health this time around.  Most of all that God will comfort Emily and give us wisdom and willingness to do whatever Emily needs to make this transition from the life she's always known to the completely unfamiliar.

That's all, folks.


  1. Oh, wow! I'm so excited (and a bit jealous) for you all. I, too, worried about my children's health. They never once got ill. I think my oldest ended the trip with a cold, but I spent tons of money on cipro and such just in case. We can prepare all we want, but in the end, God protects. I'll be praying for you all. I'm anxious to hear about the flight over with so many kids. Maybe you and hubby should take business and leave the kids in economy?

    I love quilts btw. Especially ones that look/are old. Maybe because I'm getting old myself...

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Cheri, you are great! I wish we were taking this journey together again now that I "know" you a little better. :D

  3. I'm with Cheri, both excited and a little jealous for you! Keeping all of you in my prayers. None of our girls got sick in China, Tim did but the girls and I were fine.
    Will be waiting very impatiently for those pictures!

    Love ya!

  4. Hey girl! We just got back from a week trip to Maine! I get on your blog and found out you"re leaving TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! That is so exciting. We will be praying for you and Emily especially during this transition time. Looking forward to hearing more stories about your trip. Hugs to all. <3 Saralee