Monday, July 16, 2012

Swallow Falls

We have cousins visiting us from Indiana this week.  As you can see they've had quite an impact on our kids. 

After washing cows for the show tomorrow, we went to Swallow Falls. 

Better swinging from the trees than climbing the walls.

They were all actually far more impressed with climbing anything than the beautiful falls.  Keeping track of six, I mean, beautiful children was quite a challenge.  

It's been fun to watch them have fun together. 

Gregory was having fun with a tiny little toad he found.  The toad, for some reason, was not all that enthralled with the special habitat Gregory made for him.

We were so fortunate that our superstrong children were able to pry these rocks apart...

and push these trees over

participate in a little group shotput

and blow this tree over.  Amazing!  

Look, Mamma and Papa, your kiddos are thriving.

 After all that walking it was time to get wet. 

I really should have taken more pictures here because I haven't seen so many smiles in awhile but I was trying to keep Kaitlyn from going too deep, admire the leaps and bounds Davis has taken in swimming ability, and count heads constantly to make sure no one had problems I wasn't aware of.  They swam out to those rocks and slid down like a bunch of seals.  Numerous toe stubbings occurred, bandaids were needed, but fun was had by all.  


  1. Looks like so much fun. Love the creative photography!

  2. Oh, I'm jealous. Its just beautiful!