Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Genetic Testing

I guess it's been awhile since I posted. 

And this one falls into the category of family diary rather than a post. 


Emily's pediatric cardiologist called today.  The genetic testing they did for the Long QT came back.  There is no sign of it in the 12 genes they checked.  There is still a 35% chance that it was a false negative...but the cardiologist (and  we agree) suspects she doesn't have it.  They are still treating her for it anyway.   The words "variant of undetermined - or was it unknown - origin" were used and somewhere in this house is the piece of paper with the explanation of that.  Ten years down the road they may recheck everything to see if anything has popped up but for now we'll keep proceeding on the same path.  

Emily has been vomit-free for 80 days!

The three originals are at choral camp this week.  It's Davis' first time.  I was a little nervous and he was, too.  Since he hasn't called I'm assuming that no news is good news.  There were tons of kids from here who went out-and half appeared to be cousins which should help-I'm hoping he has a wonderful time.  Jamison is rooming with cousin Dawson and "...Jamie...or Josiah...or James....yeah, I think it's James."  (Boys!  Ya gotta love 'em. )  Megan is with cousins Krista and Kristen and friend Emma.  

Here Davis is with his roommates, cousins Gregory and Joel, and a couple of counselors. 

That leaves us alone with the Chinese contingent.  It will be interesting to see how this week goes.  It WAS a MUCH quieter house than we're used to having but Emily is doing her best to make up for the decibel level of the other three.   The little girls have also decided that we shouldn't wait until 7:00 to get up...6:15-6:30 is much better.  I'm thinking that muzzles should be part of their bedtime routine.

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