Friday, July 19, 2013

What We've Been Up To....

Jamison had a progressive birthday....

One day he got presents....a few days later we had cake.

Some weeks are just like that.

We had Den and Machelle and their partners, Terry and Renee for supper.

We hear so much about Terry and Renee that it was fun to meet them in person again and get to know them a little better.

The big kids came home from choral camp.  Jamison is half hidden behind the cutie with pigtails and Davis is right above the big head.

Megan is under the armpit.

The big kids had a good time at camp.  Davis was disgusted.  Megan and Jamison reported that Lucky Charms were to be had for breakfast and cotton candy at the fair.  Apparently this was the year they didn't have Lucky Charms or cotton candy.  Davis IS NOT going back!  But Kevin promised that he would tell the director that they needed to reinstate these.  Davis MIGHT consider gracing them with his presence after all.

We have a guest from Ecuador.  Melissa Molina is visiting us for the week.  Her mom was a foreign exchange student of my parents years ago.

The black and white show was this week.

Jamison, Megan, and Davis all did well in showing.  Dad was so pleased!

Melissa pitched in with washing cows and showed this one.  The cow won several ribbons.

Davis and another boy weren't technically old enough to show in the "showing" class so they did a special class just for them.

Megan had her delayed birthday party.  She wanted to wait until Brooke could be there.

The girls did sharpie tie-dye t-shirts.

Carl combined the last of the barley.

Melissa rode along.

The old free-stall barn is getting extended.

The white wall will be torn down and the new barn will be 100 x 85 (I think).  Since we began milking in the parlor the herd has grown faster than expected.  We desperately need more room.

That's all folks.

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  1. One year ago this week we were in China TOGETHER!!! Oh, my word!!!
    Cant wait to see your family. Love you all!
    Happy Adoption Day!
    Much love!
    The Brabsons