Friday, August 16, 2013

Please Pray

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  The kids and I went to Minnesota and a week later Kenton flew in. 
After a week together, we headed for Illinois to spend some time with adoption friends before heading home.  We left at six in the morning and Emily started throwing up at lunchtime.  It was a real bummer.  We skipped our stop and headed for Ruby as quickly as possible, arriving at 2:30 a.m.  She's been a patient now for over a week.  It is a real bummer after 100+ days of no puke.  A new record!

The hardest part is that she's not really improving. Usually by day 8 she's starting to eat and drink even if she's still throwing up.  She usually has some energy to color, play with play dough, cruise the halls in the big, red car, drive me crazy with endless demands, and watch non-stop Wiggles. 

Today is day 8.  She's sleeping most of the time, waking to cry, vomit, and watch the Wiggles.  Everyone is concerned that she doesn't seem to be improving.  

If things don't turn around by Monday, the doctors will contact Dr. Li in Milwaukee for advice and possibly  start looking for an additional problem.  They may also need to do something besides an IV for nutrition.

Please pray that Emily will start to feel better.  She is totally miserable. 

Emily's NEVER been sick for more than nine days before. 


  1. Oh, Holly. I am so sorry for you all. Praying for wisdom and healing.

  2. Holly and family.........praying for quick healing and for the doctors' insights into what's going on with Emily. Praise God for the 100 days! Keep us all posted.

  3. Praying for Emily, that she will feel better soon and this episode will pass and not turn into something else. Praying also for her doctors, that they find a way to ease her symptoms soon

  4. Oh no!! Praying for sweet Emily and your entire family. Love ya!

  5. Praying for your sweet baby and family!

  6. Just saw this. Hope things are better by now. Praying and love you.

  7. Thank you ALL for your prayer and words of encouragement. It is a HUGE blessing!