Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had a great time in Minnesota.

But now I am miserably sick in the hospital.

I do have moments where I don't feel so bad and can ride around in the
big, red car with my pals "Mimi" and "Mimi".  

I've never been sick more than nine days before.  I'm into day eleven now.  

Unless things turn around tonight, my medical team will be consulting my specialist in Wisconsin tomorrow and looking for something else that is making me sick.  My mom is worried because her favorite doctors who usually work with me will be off tomorrow.  The new team will not be as familiar with me or my medical history.  


My parents are so blessed by their family and church.  

Wendy and Sam cleaned our kitchen...

It had an entire clothes basket of rotting cucumbers in it.
(It had moved past "creative space" right into rotten!)

Marla canned yellow transparent apple sauce for us...

and sent us cinnamon rolls.

Rebecca baked zucchini bread and...

and gave grandma a break by kid-sitting.

Grandma B. watched my siblings, fed my sibs and dad, froze corn, and helped keep the others happy. 
Grandpa B. did extra running around and rearranging because mom is a space cadet!

Barry and Carol came to see us, visit, and pray.  Carol and Rebecca both offered to do laundry!  (Does mom have friends or what!?!)  Some sent words of encouragement.  Lovely people prayed for me.  Some without ever having met me in person,   

Thank you for your prayers.  God is faithful.  He loves me and has a plan to give me hope and a future.  Please continue to remember me and pray for God's will in my life and my family's.  

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  1. I love you guys and we're all praying for Emily (and the rest of you!)