Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Race

Kenton, Jamison, and Megan ran a 5K on Saturday at Cherry Glade.

The BIG QUESTION was WHO would win.

Dad or Jamison?

Wanna take a bet?

I was smart enough not to vote against my son OR my husband.  


I had it pegged.

Jamison placed 5th at not quite 24 minutes.

Kenton came in 13th at not quite 26 minutes.

Megan ran, too.

Davis and Kaitlyn ran the fun run.

That's Davis in the white shirt.

Thank you to Christine and Janessa for the pictures!


  1. Jamison, hands down. I would never pick Kenton over Jamison....:) And, yay! Am so thankful you're home and Emily is better. I am jealous of Rebecca's zucchini bread. Luckily I have her recipe and probably some sizable zucchini in the yard....

  2. It WAS good! Zucchini chocolate cake is also a good way to enjoy zucchini. :P

  3. Yum...."Hey, kids, run out and get that gigantic zucchini RIGHT NOW!" :)I always like to eat my veggies with a good dose of chocolate...