Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Personal Water Park

It's an understatement to say that it rained yesterday.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink...

because dad shut off the water temporarily.

The basement was flooded.
Two feet of water set lots of things floating in the basement.


We had our own water park.

(See Davis behind the "falls"?)

If it hadn't been so muddy and hadn't come from the hillside where we pasture some cows....

we probably could have figured they had their bath for the day.

They ran, did cartwheels, slid and slipped like seals, used the rafts to slide down the hill, rode the John Deere tractor down the hill, and had "the best day of my life" according to one enthusiastic kid.

I was less enthused.
My flower beds took a beating.
Even if they are a work-in-progress I hate seeing them drowned.

Life's always interesting.


  1. Hey, it looks like fun for the kids. They'll remember it forever.

  2. Oh my..........I can't even imagine that much water! How many inches did you get? We rejoiced last week when we got a big rain - 8/10" !!!!! What a great time for the kids, though.

    1. Kenton says we got 3 inches total that day...and 5 about a week and half before that. It has been a wet August, not to mention the humidity. Oy! Maybe that's why all my tomatoes are rotting!

  3. Wow, look how big those rudbeckias are! Are they the ones I gave you? ;)

    1. Can you believe it? I have FIVE big bunches like that. I love them, need to separate them, and am afraid of becoming that-crazy-rudbeckia-lady. They can be almost as bad as zucchini!
      Yes,it's the gift that keeps on giving. Want me to send you some?

  4. I would like for you to BRING me some....

    1. Oh, yes! I would like that much better myself! :D