Thursday, August 22, 2013


The Adamson family went to Valleyfair while we were in Minnesota.  

It was lots of fun.

We learned a number of things about our children.

Megan LOVES every stomach-turning, puke-inducing, death-defying, thrill of danger.

The rest of us?

Not so much.

We are so thankful that the whole family (minus Steve) was able to go.  
Megan would have hated being there alone with just us *ahem* cautious ones.

I suspect that when Kaitlyn is a couple inches taller, Megan will have a buddy in her quest to elude death while going right to edge of the possibility. 

Fortunately Kaitlyn was a good sport and rode with Emily.

The boys had fun in the ball pit, some roller coasters, quiet rides, and water rides.

The weather was perfect and the kids had a wonderful time.

Good thing it's so far away that it's not an option more often. :-D

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