Saturday, September 7, 2013

Secret Agent

I may look cute and innocent...

but I actually work undercover.  

I specialize in high decibel levels, persistence, and destruction. 

My specialties frequently put me in grave danger.

I need to work on my image.  

Everyone assumes that I'm the guilty party.

The queen of my home country actually ordered "off with her head!" today.

The minister of mercy stayed my execution.

I executed my jobs perfectly.

I wrote on the walls of the dining room,

and the dining room table,

and the dining room floor.


I made sure no one would erase my work by etching it in deeply.

Twice this week, I emptied the entire roll of toilet paper into the trash can.

I dumped all 64 crayons all over the floor. 

Multiple times

and LOUDLY refused to pick them up.

I emptied the magazine rack

all over the living room

many times.

I helped the queen improve her laundry skills by letting her practice refolding
the clean laundry.  

I noticed her sorting skills were a bit weak as well.

I made sure EVERY homeschool lesson included me
one way or another.

Daily I work to improve both my lung capacity and persistence. 

I keep yelling and demanding until someone answers my plea.  

It's a dangerous job

but someone's got to do it.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't have time...I'm too busy trying to figure out what she's going to destroy next! :O

  2. Isn't it exciting, in a terrifying way, to imagine what God has planned for her to do in His kingdom later? We KNOW what He is doing now, and you feel the growing pains of that! But all that tenacity and persistence she has in spite of incredible! She's not a quitter, not a giver-upper! I would want her on my team, never giving up on me! She might find the cure for CVS someday.