Sunday, September 8, 2013

Feeling Sarcastic

The B Family of western Maryland has been using the Sonlight program for five years.  Emily (3) and Kaitlyn (5) have not yet learned to hate school like Jamison (12), Megan (10), and Davis (8).  Their mom Holly says that they chose Sonlight inspite of the horrendous ordering system, the company's insistence on using "core" instead of traditional grade levels, and completely annoying, gaggingly-obnoxious testimonials on EVERY page.

Guess what we did this past week!


  1. Wait...wait...Did you toss the big Sonlight teachers binder out of the window of your car going 80 down the interstate? You did, didn't you? :)

  2. Are you still using Sonlight? What do you like or notlike about it? I just started homeschooling Syd and we are using Sonlight. Not thrilled with the immense amount of reading for a girl who is struggling with reading. But she is already improving so I guess it is worth it.
    Miss talking to you!

  3. Bhah, hah, hah, hah! (Maniacal laugh) You KNOW how I feel about that!

  4. Love the sonlight book recommendations....but I'm with Ethiopianmomma up there about the teacher's guides.....

    Just do your thing, Holly! The kids are doing great in the midst of real life! Look in the eyes of each of them...they love, they are loved, they KNOW they are loved.

    You're an awesome Mamma, and Holly--I'm there--all the kiddos gone. Was every insane Mamma brain moment worth it? YES. Hang in there. They will rise up and bless you, I promise. : )