Monday, September 9, 2013

The Money Pit

No, no, for once we're not talking about our house.

This particular money pit involves a big hole and manure.

Soon no more daily hauling of manure here.

Someday(boy, that should be paired with "my prince will come"....

well, actually he did, rode through in farmer armor on an excavator)

Okay, enough with the dumb tangent.

Kenton rented an excavator and bulldozer.

He's excavating for his pit.

The original plan for the pit location is not going to work out
so we will need to back-fill and re-dig.

The kids are enjoying all this big equipment.

Everyone thinks they need a turn.

They need to be ready soon so I haven't seen much of Kenton lately.
I doubt if Martha's seen much of Carl either.

When the kids aren't riding along, they are hunting for clay.
This chunk was heavy enough to require some teamwork.

They break them up with a pick-ax.

I suspect that since Jamison didn't get the machete he wanted for his birthday
he'll try for a pick-ax for Christmas.

Unbelievably, I MISSED getting my equipment boy in a pic.
Unfortunately there will be more opportunities.

Someday things will be done.

Tomorrow Kenton and I are taking Emily for a quick trip to Milwaukee to see Dr. Li.  Since she's been on the full dose of meds she's had two episodes.  One back in April shortly after she began them and one in August one hundred and eight days later.  I have a whole bunch of questions.  We'd appreciate your prayers for answers and safety.  I'm a little concerned how fast Kenton plans to make this trip.  


  1. Holly-
    Thinking of you today and hoping you get some answers (particularly the one's you want to hear) at today's appointment. Prayers for safe travels as well.

  2. Thank you, Shannon. Praying for your family, as well.