Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Day on the Farm

Ever wonder what happens on a day on the farm?

If not, stop reading now. 

Still with me?

The soybeans are ready.

Carl was combining them.
Kenton thinks we got almost 60 bushels/acre in this field. 

Jamison started drilling after he finished school.

He does a good job.
I think he was planting barley as cover crop this winter.

They finished chopping for the year so Kenton was cleaning up the chopper.
Davis was providing moral support

and playing in the dirt pile.

As for the pit, the walls are being formed up.

They put the outside forms up,

are working on tying the rebar in,

and then the inside forms will go up.

The forecast says snow this week.

 They may wish they'd been more diligent in getting this done earlier 
instead of wasting a couple weeks of nice weather.

The girls(and Davis) enjoyed playing in the sunshine.

Jamison: Mom, I'd like to put my pigeon trap on top of the barn.  Can I climb up the silo and ---

Mom: NO! You may NOT!

These are for my Arizona friend.

Enjoy those roses!
I've got clematis, lavender, and snapdragons...

But only until Thursday when they're forecasting snow.

I guess that means you get the last laugh.  ;-P


  1. Hardy har har har!!!!! Snow on Thursday???? Hmmmmm.....our high on Thursday will be 83*! But hey, your flowers are beautiful, and what a blessing to have them last this long!

  2. You're such a good blogger. :)