Tuesday, October 15, 2013



That's how I feel about the effort of trying to get a nice family picture.

We had family pictures taken when we were home.  Emily was noticing the pictures on the piano all the time and she wasn't in any of the ones taken with the family.  It was past time to add her in.

After listening to six people whine and moan for the entire 26 mile drive to Hibbing, I was hoping for something better than this.

Megan's moans and groans about "always wearing red for pictures" were heard but I guess I overdid it with the turquoise theme.  You'd think I asked them all to wear clown noses the way they mocked me and my efforts.

My favorite photographer left the studio we like to go to.  We tried a new one.  I wasn't very pleased with the results.  Of all the pictures she took of the kids, this was the best one.  Don't you just love every one's pasty skin color?  And Davis' cheesy smile?

When you get Christmas pictures of a stupid looking family, it's not totally our fault, we had help to look that bad.  Oh, and the kids picked up tons of bug bites from hungry Minnesota mosquitoes and Davis fell down the deck steps the day before.

She promised them that if they cooperated they could take a silly picture when they were done.

 I should have just ordered those. 

Buyer's remorse has set in.


  1. I think they look pretty dang cute!

  2. I hear you! But, you can't go wrong when your kids are so beautiful!

  3. I've seen better group pictures of your kids, but that one is still pretty good! And where are Mom and Dad in those pictures?? At least the individual shots of your kids look fantastic!