Monday, January 20, 2014

The Brothers

 When I was a little girl, mom would talk about "the brothers" getting together. 
She meant the Mr. Potato Heads in her dad's family.  (Sorry, mom!)
Ten boys and one sister smack dab in the middle. 
What a bummer, eh?
Their parents emigrated from Sweden and there are some totally winner names in this bunch.  I'd really love to give you a list because they are truly awful...but there are some uncles that were pretty special. 
My grandpa Haley is in the gray suit.
The story I like best about my Grandpa is that he quit college and his plan of getting an engineering degree to help put his younger brother through college to get his engineering degree. 
John "Haley" Peterson
Haley went on to have two daughters and five sons of his own.
Those five sons were "the uncles" and at times a total pain in the neck.  You didn't want to answer the phone at grandma's during the holidays because someone was always asking for "Pete" which meant running through several Peterson boys to figure out which one they wanted.  My Uncle David is only eight years older than I.  You can imagine how they enjoyed tormenting their niece.  I still hold a grudge for being dragged into the lake by the legs and told to "hold my breath"  as I drank half the lake.  Of course, I probably got more than my fair share of spoiling as the oldest grandchild and only granddaughter for quite a few years.  I remember some trips to the candy store, lots of "car" rides,  a wonderful water fight when mom got dropped into the pool by Uncle I guess it's time to drop the grudge.
Now that the "original" brothers are gone...and maybe because I'm older, mom now refers to these guys as "the brothers."
Doug, Dennis, mom, Paul, and David (missing Aunt Pat and Uncle Craig)

So why bore you with the family genealogy lesson? 
It's on my mind
Dennis had an accident in the woodshop today.
He broke four fingers on the left hand, lost the tips of all of them, and took off past the first knuckle on the index finger.  He is right handed, praise God!
It's going to be a rough 48 hours.  Please pray for him.


  1. Oh, my! I pray he heals quickly. I love the moments of your life that you shared. So sweet. Sometimes we get stuck in our own little bubble that we rarely see the other people outside.

  2. Wow, I can really see your grandad in you and your mom--in a totally feminine way, of course. :) Sorry to hear of the trouble--will pray--we've had our fair share of shorn fingers in my family. oxo