Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's Up

 Megan made a tea party for the little girls.
Kaitlyn and Emily had a wonderful time.
Naturally we always drink out of teapots and put two spoons in our mouths.
Monopoly continues to be popular with several family members.  Ugh.
Snow.  Lots of it.  The kids wish they had snow days like the public school kids.  They may change their minds in the spring. 

Emily reading "No, No, Bun-Bun."
Domingo is heading back to Guatemala tomorrow.
We will miss him.  We are very happy for his family.


  1. We have all those "bunny" books that we got years ago when Courtney was a baby! Love the tea party and the snow...........BTW, we have 65* and not a cloud in the sky!

  2. I must be a nice person after all because inspite of that nasty crack I STILL consider you a friend! :P
    My kids have loved those bunny books. I'll be a little sad when Emily outgrows them...and I'll save them for the grandkids. :)

  3. Ha Ha! You can take it, Holly! After all, you are blessed with all that GREEN!!.. Yep, our bunny books have been packed away for "future" use! I never read the Night Night Bunny book to any of my kids because I figured it would terrify them - the spider and all that. But the others we loved!