Saturday, May 10, 2014

A River Runs Through It

I get so tired of being flooded out.  

We got a real gully washer this afternoon.

I guess that's what happens when you live below a ridge.

Milk Dud Report: Kenton started planting this week.  All the oats are in (60 acres) and (drum roll, please!) yesterday he started planting corn.  He planted 30 acres yesterday and planted until he got rained out today.  
He's doing mostly no-till so no more plowing.  It took me a long time to appreciate the look of a freshly plowed field.  Now he's not plowing and I miss that first sign of spring and the freshly turned dirt.  

I guess I'll have to "settle" for this
as my first sign of true spring.

Megan decided to turn eleven last week.
I went all-out and put sprinkles on her birthday cake.  
(I know, I know, they're going to take back my mom badge any day now!)

We celebrated by finishing school that day.

On Wednesday, Megan, Davis, and Jamison were all sick.
A bummer beginning to summer vacation.

The homeschool group had their end-of-year programs.
All four of ours fell into the "younger" group with Poppin' Proverbs and Manners for Moppets.

Hannah, Brianna, and Megan

Kenton and I weren't the only parents that suspect 
that not a whole lot of practice was required for this scuffle.
It seemed to come pretty naturally.

Davis and Tori


Kaitlyn did a great job with her four little poems.

In other exciting news, if you missed it earlier...

We are DONE with school!

And since their evil mother likes to get a jump on things for 
canning season survival purposes...we'll be starting again next week.  
But just one day a week.  

I'll have one in 7th, 6th, 4th, and 1st.
And since I haven't had my review yet, I'll have curriculum stacked everywhere for a couple weeks.


I'm buying a piano.
Right after Kenton gets the money for the money manure pit.

I have a baby grand on loan right now. (Bless my piano tuner, Nancy Salmon)
But I've loved the stuffin' out of it and it needs to be rebuilt.
If I have to listen the evil twang of those two untunable notes much longer 
a straight-jacket will be required.

Considering what Kenton has gone through in moving pianos (3) during the last two decades, this is probably going to have to last me, not to mention that friendships and backs wear thin when you move a baby grand.

I'm so excited.
My husband does not fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.  I figure if I talk about the relative merits of Kawai vs. Yamaha vs. new vs. used long enough he'll get the idea of how annoying those two untunable f's are pretty quickly. 

If you are thinking WHO CARES ABOUT A DUMB PIANO?  May I remind you how I feel about ALL animals?  Now we're even! :P

Megan tried a little photography this week.

Kaitlyn was a bit miffed not to be included.

I think Megan made it up to her by painting her toenails.

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