Thursday, October 30, 2014

Soccer is Finally Over

I was beginning to feel like it wouldn't happen this year.

Jamison and Megan had a chance to play on a fall team.  Since homeschoolers don't usually play on the team, it was a special opportunity.  They had a wonderful time with great coaches and great kids.

Not being the world's greatest soccer mom, I failed to ever get a good picture of #10 and #8. Their nickname, the Bender Defenders, should give you a good idea of which position they both like to play.  
Their coaches really wanted each player to make a goal.  That meant that they each had to play offense a bit.  The coaches promised Megan that once she made her goal she could return to defense.  Once she saw the ball hit the net she RAN all the way back to "her" spot and never looked back.  

Their coach used a brilliant motivational technique...

If they were undefeated, they could dump water on his head.

It worked.  

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